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Our Aims

We want to create a more inclusive field by promoting the active participation of Latin American populations in genomics research. We are committed to expanding the sample size and representation within genetics studies, ensuring that Latin Americans are at the forefront of scientific discovery. Through our focused recruitment and genotyping efforts, we aim to gather valuable genetic data, fostering a deeper understanding of genetic diversity and its impact on healthcare, personalized medicine, and beyond. Join us in our mission to drive positive change and shape a more equitable and inclusive future for genomics research.

Image by Kyle Glenn

Increase Sample Size

Through collaborative efforts and engagement with the Latin American community, we aim to expand our genetic database, enabling scientists, researchers, and healthcare professionals to make more precise and equitable breakthroughs in healthcare, disease prevention, and personalized medicine.

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Recruitment and Genotyping

We are committed to expanding the reach of genetics research by not only increasing the sample size but also by ensuring the representation of Latin American individuals in our studies. Through diligent recruitment initiatives, we seek to involve a diverse range of participants from Latin American backgrounds, fostering a more accurate and inclusive understanding of genetic variations.

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Methods and Development

TRACTOR, Polygenic risk scores (generation and comparison)


Education and Training

Our fourth aim is to provide specialized training in psychiatric genomics research for investigators from Latin American countries. By equipping researchers with the necessary skills and knowledge, we aim to accelerate progress in psychiatric genetics across the region

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